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Statewide Recruitment

CalHR Statewide Recruitment assists departments by coordinating and standardizing guidelines and best practices for the key elements of recruitment by focusing on building talent pipelines to attract the best and brightest from higher education institutions, underrepresented communities and the private sector into state government.  An effective recruiting strategy hinges on becoming an employer of choice. This means creating greater awareness of the public service experience that state government offers – awareness that needs to be expanded both inside government and in the talent marketplace. 

​Statutes for Statewide Recruitment

Eligible lists are created on the basis of merit and fitness, and, as such, shall result from recruitment strategies designed to be as broad and inclusive as necessary to best meet the selection need (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 2, § 250).

All agencies shall engage in general recruitment and outreach programs to all individuals, including persons who are economically disadvantaged.  California Government Code allows public sector employers to conduct outreach efforts with a recruitment goal to supplement word-of-mouth recruitment that should result in increasing diversity of the workforce (Gov. Code, §11139.6, subds. (3), (d), added by Stats. 2002). 


The CalHR Statewide Workforce Planning and Recruitment Unit is committed to building a quality sustainable workforce for the State of California.

​Outreach & Recruitment Events

Rapid Hiring Events at Camp Pendleton

CalHR has partnered with Marine Corps Installations West (MCI West) in providing State employment resources to all Military Service and Family Members and Veterans. We are currently coordinating Rapid Hiring Events where State organizations can conduct the application, examination/assessment, and hiring interview aspects of the State hiring process in one day. For State organizations who are interested, we have a few 2019 spots left! Contact the Statewide Recruitment Team for more information and to secure your spot now!

Join The Community

Are You A Recruiter?    

​CalHR assists in facilitating State Recruiter Round Table meetings which provides a networking opportunity that is interactive, informative, and relevant to recruitment challenges faced by the State of California.

​Recruitment Tools & Resources

Career Ambassador Program

Is your organization interested in conducting focused recruitments? Check out the Career Ambassador Program webpage for tools and resources to help with implementing this innovative recruitment strategy!

Making Data-Driven Decisions in Recruitment

Utilizing Workforce Data to Assist in Justifying Recruitment Efforts | Utilizing Workforce Data to Assist in Justifying Recruitment Efforts - Text Only (RTF) (Also available in text only | text only - Text Only (RTF)format)

Labor Market Data and an Overview of the Standardized Occupational Codes 

Looking for workforce planning information? 

Check out the Workforce Planning page!  Stay up to date with current information regarding clear and relevant guidance for developing a comprehensive workforce and succession plans that contain strategies addressing diverse recruitment, retention, employee development, knowledge transfer,  guidance to identify high risk key leadership positions, and prioritize strategies to address the department's succession planning needs.



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