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Drug Testing


CalHR administers the following programs:


  • Reasonable suspicion

  • U.S. Department of Transportation random testing

  • U.S. Coast Guard random testing

  • BU 6 random testing

  • SPB Pre-employment drug testing

SPB testing regulations 213.0 through 213.6
For more information contact CalHR's Drug Testing Information unit.


The files linked from this page are PDFs and require Adobe Reader – get a free download. 

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Program

Executive Order D-58-86 directs CalHR (in conjunction with SPB) to develop measures designed to achieve a drug-free workplace, including drug testing for employees in sensitive positions. For details, see CalHR regulations 599.960-599.966.


U.S. Department of Transportation Random Drug Testing Program

Summary: U.S. DOT regulations require that drivers with a commercial driver's license who operate a commercial motor vehicle in the performance of safety-sensitive functions be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. For details, see the U.S. DOT regulations (CFR 49 Part 40 and CFR 49 Part 382).

Departments with employees covered by DOT's random drug testing

  • Air Resources Board

  • California Conservation Corps

  • Department of Consumer Affairs

  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

  • Department of Developmental Services

  • Department of Education

  • Employment Development Department

  • Department of Fish and Game

  • Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Department of Forestry
  • Franchise Tax Board
  • Department of General Services
  • California Highway Patrol
  • Military Department
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Department of State Hospitals
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Water Resources 

U.S. Coast Guard Random Drug Testing Program

U.S. Coast Guard regulations require random drug testing for crewmembers on board vessels acting under the authority of a license, certificate of registry, or merchant mariner's document who have duties that directly affect the safe operation of the vessel. For details, see the U.S. Coast Guard regulations (CFR Title 46 Part 4 and CFR Title 46 Part 16).

Departments with employees covered by U.S. Coast Guard's random drug testing

  • Department of Parks and Recreation 

Bargaining Unit 6 Random Drug Testing Program

New rank and file peace officers hired on/after April 15, 1998

Effective April 15, 1998, all newly hired Bargaining Unit 6 employees who are peace officers and newly reinstated employees with a break in service of more than 12 months, as defined in Section 12.01, are subject to random drug and alcohol testing per the contract with Bargaining Unit 6. For details, see the Contracts page, Bargaining Unit 6.

Excluded and exempt peace officers

All excluded and exempt State employees who are peace officers under part 2, title 3, chapter 4.5, section 830.2(d) and section 830.5 of the Penal Code are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. For details, see CalHR regulations 599.960-599.966.  

Drug Testing Services

CalHR contracts with 2 companies to provide drug testing services for those departments required to drug test certain employees. Departments must enter into an interagency agreement with CalHR prior to using these contractors.  CalHR prepared a Guide to Substance Abuse Testing Program which gives additional information. For more information, please contact CalHR’s Drug Testing Information unit

  Updated: 7/28/2015
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