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Registration and Troubleshooting

​CalHR Training Registration

Before attending or taking any California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) training or using any training materials your supervisor must approve the use of work time. In general, the course content must relate to your job duties or career development. Review your department's training policy or contact your department's Training Officer for more information.

​Classroom Courses

Classes with Online Registration

To register for a course, click the course title link in the Training Calendar; it will lead you to the online registration forms.  Alternatively, you may select a course from the  Course Catalog. You must complete these forms first to secure your seat in the class. Completing the registration requires you to agree to the terms and conditions and Statewide Training Center Guidelines. Once completed you will submit your form to the approver that you have identified in the form.  The approver has 120 hours to approve the request; if more than 120 hours elapses, your registration will be canceled and you will have to start the process from the beginning. You will receive a confirmation number as part of the process. 

For questions please contact CalHR Training at: 

Online Webinars

If you would like to register for an online webinar please follow the six steps below.

  1. Prior to attending a Webinar, you must agree to the Statewide Training terms and conditions.
  2. Download and install the WebEx.  You may need help from your IT help desk to install the client.
  3. Make sure you have working headphones or speakers connected to your computer.
  4. Your department's network firewall must allow WebEx to pass through.
  5. Test your system with the WebEx compatibility test.
  6. Register now to attend a webinar- Watch the webinar live and interact with the instructor and other attendees. 

If registering for a WebEx webinar, you need to be covered by an appropriate product license agreement between your organization and WebEx. Direct questions to your department’s IT division or advisor.

How do I check my system in advance to make sure I can access a webinar?

You can check your system in advance at the WebEx Meeting compatibility test page where a compatibility test will check if you have the appropriate system to run the presentation. Please check your audio in advance to ensure that you will be able to hear the presentation. If you check your system with the link above and are unable to join the live meeting, please go to WebEx Support

Do I need to have a microphone to ask questions during the webinar? 

No. A microphone is not required because participants are muted and are only allowed to submit written questions during the webinar. You must have computer speakers or a headset properly connected.

Why can I see the PowerPoint but I can’t hear sound?

There are two common issues that prevent users from being able to hear the presentation:

  • No headset or computer speakers/soundcard. You need computer speakers or a headset. A microphone is not required because participants are muted.
  • Headset or speakers not connected properly. Make sure your audio is properly connected and not muted. To test, go to YouTube and make sure that you can listen to a video.

I received my registration information by email but it did not include a conference call number. What is the conference call number?

There is no conference call number. Webinars use computer audio so you must have computer speakers or a headset properly connected.

Billing Information

The State Training Center reconciles all training sessions at the end of each month.  Invoices and charges to Cal-Cards will not be issued or charged until the second week of the next month.  For example, training classes completed in October will be billed the second week of November.



Statewide Training Center Training Center(916) S Street, North Building, Suite 500California95811-7258California Department of Human Resources

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