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Labor Relations Forum Members

Membership Listing

Membership Listing
​Kathaleen Reed ​Air Resources Board ​322-8197
Valerie Rogers​ Alcohol and Drug Programs​
Stephanie Portela Board of Equalization​ 324-0834​
Ann Dickey California Conservation Corps ​341-3222
​Margie McCune​ ​California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation​
​Tami Falconer ​California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
​Migdalia Siaca​ ​CDCR - California Correctional Health Care Services​ ​323-2536
Veronica Rodriguez California Energy Commission​ 654-4312
Chris Main California Highway Patrol​ 843-3100
Leslie Just California Public Employees Retirement System ​795-2510
Karyn Lehmann ​Department of Aging

Jackie Ahling Department of Child Support Services​ ​464-5200

Tina Ramirez Department of Conservation ​322-8164
Marian Jong-Hui Department of Consumer Affairs​ 574-8378
Angie Mejia Department of Developmental Services​ 322-9329​
Greg Plath​ Department of Education​ 319-0530​
Phet Noyvong Department of Fish and Wildlife 653-1033
Megan Desy Department of Forestry and Fire Protection​ 445-7906
David Shary Department of General Services 376-5449​ 
Kelly DeRoss Department of Health Care Services​ 440-7337​
Monica Wilson-Pough Department of Housing and Community Development​ 263-6870
Sean Ahearn Department of Industrial Relations​ (510) 286-7273
Jill Ellwood​ Department of Insurance​ 492-3933​
Charlain Swenson Department of Justice​ 324-3656
Jeannette Sanders Department of State Hospitals 651-1260

CHarlotte Clarke ​Department of Military ​854-3077
David Keenan

Department of Motor Vehicles​


Melissa Paden Department of Pesticide Regulation​ 445-3599
Hilda Herrera Department of Public Health​ 440-7348​ 
Roni Jennings​ Department of Rehabilitation​ 558-5541​
Tisha Withers Department of Social Services​ 651-9763
Jeff Pudoff​ Department of Technology Services​ 464-0712​
Christopher Hartung Department of Toxic Substance Control​ 323-4937
Cheryl McNulty Department of Transportation​ 227-2403​
Jason Drenik Department of Veterans Affairs​ 653-1984

Tom Beiler​ Department of Water Resources​ 653-7141​
Lisa Torres​ Employment Development Department​ 654-6545​
Cindy Abercrombie Franchise Tax Board​ 845-3687​

Carmel Mercedes
Emon Graves​​ Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development​ 326-3269 

Jaclyn Padilla Prison Industry Authority​ 358-17854
Patrick Gage​ State Compensation Insurance Fund​ 924-5101​
Chris Fernandez State Water Resources Control Board​ 341-5126
Judy Otis​ Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board​ 491-3801​
​Cathy Powell ​California  Lottery ​822-8151

​Dee Anne Holloway State Council on Developmental Disabilities ​322-5521


Associate Partners with the Forum

Associate Partners of the organization
Richard Gillihan  CalHR - Labor Relations 324-9420

Pam Manwiller​ CalHR - Labor Relations​ 323-7995​ 
Armando Hidalgo​ CalHR 324-9415​
Gerard Anderson​ AdHoc Representative- State Controller's Office​ 445-5712​
Rosalyn Brooks​ SPIN Representative - Department of Conservation​ 322-8164​
  Updated: 4/14/2014
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