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Introduction to Applied Statistics for Analysts or equivalent

NOTE: This class focuses on the application of general statistics to the development and use of pre-employment tests. While a brief review of statistical concepts is provided, it is essential that students have a basic knowledge of Excel and be comfortable with basic statistics) Basic Excel knowledge.


This course will provide attendees with a solid foundation that will allow them to use a wide variety of statistical tools to solve practical, business-related problems. Building on the information learned in Introduction to Applied Statistics for Analysts this class will further explore the role of statistics in test validation and scoring. Specifically, attendees will develop the knowledge necessary to measure test reliability, interpret an item analysis, assess criterion-related validity, calculate weighted scores, and assess adverse impact/test bias.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze job analysis data using Microsoft Excel to identify important tasks and knowledge, skills and abilities that are appropriate for use in selections
  • Calculate descriptive statistics such as the mean/average, standard deviation, skewness
  • Calculate a “trimmed mean” that eliminates outliers for more accurate results
  • Calculate the Pearson Correlation Coefficient and use it to document the criterion validity of an examination
  • Discuss the concept of criterion validity including issues that limit its utility
  • Calculate item-total correlation coefficients using Microsoft Excel and use the results to assess the quality of test items.
  • Discuss the concept of reliability including various ways of measuring it
  • Calculate test-retest and split-half reliability using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient
  • Use statistical tools to determine whether an test is exhibiting bias against any particular group
  • Interpret an item analysis

Intended Audience

Any professional who has a need to analyze data.


Cost: $145 per participant

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5111Aug 24, 2017 8:30AM- 4:30PMSacramentoCalHR Computer Lab - 4th Floor
1810 16th Street
412N - A1
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