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Workers' Compensation Claims Narratives

Claims Narratives


1.  Inform your adjuster(s) that you have access to State Fund Online (SFO) and will view the claims narratives for case status information

2.  Inform your adjuster(s) that you do not have access to SFO or will not view the claims narratives

State Fund 

1.  If viewed by RTWC, update all sections of the claim resume/narrative when there is a significant event such as: 

      a.  Change in liability, disability, medical or Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit (SJDB) status

      b.  Increase or decrease in estimate

      c.  Legal events

      d.  Finalization or closure


2.  Put as much detail as possible in the narrative, for example:

      a.  Liability decision basis with reason(s)

      b.  State Fund assigned attorney with contact information

      c.  Doctor names and dates of upcoming med/legal exams

            i.  Surgery dates 

      d.  Subrogation progress

      e.  132a and Serious and Willful (S&W) allegations

      f.  Upcoming Status Conferences or Mandatory Settlement Conferences (MSC)

           i.  Include who filed the Declaration of Readiness to proceed (DOR)

      g.  Finalization Status

            i.  Authority requested/received

            ii.  Offer of settlement sent

      h.  Settlement information

            i.  Body part, Permanent Disability (PD) award and future medical care

      i.   New and Further

      j.   Inactivity for over a year ​


  Updated: 2/8/2016
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