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Workers' Compensation Medical Reports (September 2016)

​Workers' Compensation Medical Reports (September 2016)


  1. Share any doctor notes or return to work slips immediately with adjuster.
    a.  Fax directly to adjuster with claim number on document.

  2. Tell your adjuster which types (if any) medical reports you wish to receive.
    a.  All reports.
    b.  Progress reports, work status slips, PR-2.
    c.  Medical/legal reports.
    d.  Final reports or Permanent and Stationary (P&S)/Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) reports.

  3. Maintain confidentiality of all medical information.

  4. Notify the adjuster of any concerns discovered in the medical reports.

State Fund

  1. Provide requested medical reports to department upon receipt.
    a.  Via secure email.

  2. Respond timely to any concerns from the department.


  Updated: 4/12/2017
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