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Basic Group Term Life Insurance for Excluded Employees

Supplemental Insurance

If you are enrolled in the State-paid group term life insurance plan, you can purchase additional insurance coverage from MetLife. Under the voluntary supplemental life insurance plan, you may elect coverage in increments of $10,000 up to the lesser of $200,000 or 4 times your basic annual earnings. You have the opportunity to take advantage of the State's group purchasing power by securing significant amounts of supplemental life insurance at competitive rates.

Monthly Premiums per $10,000 of Coverage

  • For employees under age 25: $0.60
  • For employees age 25 to 29: $0.64
  • For employees age 30 to 34: $0.78
  • For employees age 35 to 39: $0.85
  • For employees age 40 to 44: $1.05
  • For employees age 45 to 49: $1.50
  • For employees age 50 to 54: $2.22
  • For employees age 55 to 59: $4.02
  • For employees age 60 to 64: $6.09
  • For employees age 65 to 69: $11.58
  • For employees age 70 to 74: $18.69
  • For employees age 75 and older $29.04

An administrative fee of .20 cents per month is charged in addition to the monthly premium. If you choose to enroll, the monthly supplemental life insurance premium will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

More Information

For more information about this coverage, please contact Metlife at 1-800-252-8524.

Additional Life Insurance

You may also purchase additional life insurance coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and dependent children. The plan provides for $7,500 coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and $7,500 coverage for each unmarried dependent child age 6 months to under 23 years. A dependent child age birth to 6 months is covered by a $750 benefit. The monthly premium for your dependent coverage is $1.85 if you are under age 65 and $7.25 if you are age 65 or older.

  Updated: 4/28/2015
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