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U.S. Coast Guard Regulations

U.S. Coast Guard Regulations - 46 CRF PART 16


16.105 Definitions

Departments use the definitions below to determine which employees are subject to U.S. Coast Guard random testing. 

Crewmember means an individual who is:

(1) Onboard a vessel acting under the authority of a credential issued under this subchapter, whether or not the individual is a member of the vessel's crew; or
(2) Engaged or employed onboard a vessel owned in the United States that is required by law or regulation to engage, employ, or be operated by an individual holding a credential issued under this subchapter, except for the following:

(i) Individuals on fish processing vessels who are primarily employed in the preparation of fish or fish products, or in a support position, and who have no duties that directly affect the safe operation of the vessel;
(ii) Scientific personnel on an oceanographic research vessel;
(iii) Individuals on industrial vessels who are industrial personnel, as defined in this chapter; and
(iv) Individuals not required under part 15 of this subchapter who have no duties that directly affect the safe operation of the vessel

Operation means to navigate, steer, direct, manage, or sail a vessel, or to control, monitor, or maintain the vessel's main or auxiliary equipment or systems. Operation includes:

(a) Determining the vessel's position, piloting, directing the vessel along a desired trackline, keeping account of the vessel's progress through the water, ordering or executing changes in course, rudder position, or speed, and maintaining a lookout;
(b) Controlling, operating, monitoring, maintaining, or testing: the vessel's propulsion and steering systems; electric power generators; bilge, ballast, fire, and cargo pumps; deck machinery including winches, windlasses, and lifting equipment; lifesaving equipment and appliances; firefighting systems and equipment; and navigation and communication equipment; and
(c) Mooring, anchoring, and line handling; loading or discharging of cargo or fuel; assembling or disassembling of tows; and maintaining the vessel's stability and watertight integrity.

Vessel owned in the United States means any vessel documented or numbered under the laws of the United States; and any vessel owned by a citizen of the United States that is not documented or numbered by any nation.


  Updated: 4/29/2015
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