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News Archive - 2013

News Archive - 2013


November 27, 2013 - CalHR releases Additional Appointment Report to the Legislature

Additional Appointment Report to the Legislature (PDF) | Additional Appointment Report to the Legislature - Text only (RTF)

Additional Appointment Report to the Legislature - Attachment A (PDF) | Additional Appointment Report to the Legislature - Attachment A - Text only (RTF)


November 6, 2013 - Budget Solutions Task Force Report

CalHR and SEIU worked together to create this report on external contracts. The report discusses specific contracts that were reviewed and proposes some preliminary observations and possible recommendations to improve how civil service uses external contracts, with the intent of reducing costs.



September 20, 2013 - CDCR employee wins Negri Human Resources Achievement Award

Presentation of the 2013 Negri Award 


Watch the presentation of the 2013 Negri Award. (To view this video, you'll need Windows Media Player - get a free copy.)


Kathy Manzer of the California Department of Correctional Rehabilitation is the winner of the 2013 Robert L. Negri Award.


Kathy Manzer created the CDCR Peer Support Program. This innovative program directly impacts the mental well-being of CDCR employees and, in some cases, has even saved their lives. Correctional Officers and staff are often involved in critical and very traumatic incidents that occur within the institutions. They include assaults on staff, riots, and shootings - even the death of an employee. If not properly treated, these experiences can cause employees to have everything from suicidal thoughts to an inability to function, putting themselves and others at risk.


Kathy Manzer recognized the need for a program to provide staff with the intervention, support, and resources to treat the immediate effects of traumatic incidents. She created the Peer Support Program at all adult institutions, parole regions, and juvenile facilities. The Program consists of teams of custody and non-custody staff at each location. More than 900 CDCR staff members are currently trained to offer help, including psychological counseling, during a crisis. These teams are available round the clock, 365 days a year.


The program is so successful that in just two years the number of times it's been activated has more than doubled, from 321 to 770. It averages 100 calls per month and Kathy Manzer, more times than not, is involved in providing advice on protocols and resources. That dedication exemplifies the purpose and spirit of the Robert L. Negri Award.


The award winner was announced at the 2013 CalHR Conference on September 19, 2013.


September 13, 2013 - Open Enrollment is September 16 to October 11, 2013

Try the new Benefits Calculator! Compare premiums for different health plans and see the contribution rates based on your bargaining unit. To read this file, you’ll need Adobe Reader – get a free download.


June 19, 2013 - Join Kaiser Permanente’s Walk to Thrive walking club at lunch

For details visit Kaiser Permanente's website.


June 17, 2013 - Negri Human Resources Achievement Award

Nominations accepted through July 18, 2013. See Policy Memo 2013-017 for details | See Policy Memo 2013-017 for details - Text Only (RTF) and get the nomination form here.


May 17, 2013 - CalHR releases audit reports on Additional Appointments

CalHR and the State Personnel Board today issued findings following separate investigations into the use of dual appointments. We specifically looked at supervisory and managerial employees who also had appointments in a rank-and-file position. The investigations found that a number of the secondary appointments were inappropriate because they did not follow State personnel policies. CalHR and SPB are working closely with the departments to take corrective action. 

CALHR Additional AppointmentS Reviews

Executive Summary | Executive Summary - Text Only (RTF) (PDF)


Additional Appointments Reviews by Department

SPB Additional Appointments Audit Reports

State Personnel Board Audit Reports 


May 17, 2013 -  Equal Employment Opportunity Conference


January 28, 2013 - CalHR issues flu season guidance

Health officials have reported an increase in flu activity in California in January 2013. Here's how you can help stop the spread of the flu and keep yourself and others healthy.

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