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  • ECOS - The Future of Hiring
  • Giving Employees a Bright Financial Future
  • How Do I Find that Law, Rule or Policy?
  • Transforming Workplace Learning
  • I Have to Analyze a Legislative Bill…What Do I Do Now?
  • Overcoming the Four Dilemmas of Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Public Speaking Made Simple 
  • A Roadmap for Successful Strategic Planning


  • Management's Role in Onboarding
  • Best Hiring Practices
  • New Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Building the Bridge Between Reasonable Accommodation, Protected Leave, Return to Work
  • Labor Relations Hot Topics
  • Top 10 Mistakes of Progressive Discipline
  • Competency Based Performance and Development - The CalSTRS Cross-Functional Approach
  • Obligations Under the Dills Act
  • Transfer and Permissive Reinstatement
  • Merit Appeals 101
  • Statewide Leadership Model & 80-Hour Supervisory Training Refresh
  • The Delegation Process
  • Collaborating to Meet Workforce Needs
  • Workers' Compensation, Safety and Prevention


  • How to Develop a Successful Mentoring Program
  • Employee Engagement:  California’s First Statewide Survey
  • Succession Planning
  • What is “Lean Thinking” and Why You Need It? 
  • Employee Rotation Programs: Why They Work
  • Shifting the Paradigm: The Role of Millennials in Changing Organizational Culture and New Concepts of Diversity
  • Sustainable Workplaces: Energizing Employee Engagement with the Green Office Checklist
  • Latest Updates on Civil Service Improvement
  • Inter-Generational Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Citizens as Customers
  • Value of Complying with EEO Statutes
  Updated: 5/13/2015
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