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Management's Role in Onboarding


Management's Role in Onboarding


Management's Role in Onboarding - Brochure 

Class Description

Successful onboarding programs have one thing in common -- all levels of management are committed to performing their role in the process.  Do you know your role in the process?  In this session, you will learn from the perspective of a supervisor, manager and an executive what steps you should take to ensure that your new employees have a positive and productive onboarding experience.


Laurel aagaard

Laurel Aagaard came to State service 7 years ago as a Training Officer after spending 15 years in adult education and instructing community college classes.  She has been the manager of All Staff Training at CalPERS for the past five years where she oversees a team of 6 Training Officers who instruct and facilitate 66 instructor-led classes for CalPERS Staff.

lisa lassetter

Lisa Lassetter is currently the Human Resources Deputy Director for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  As the Deputy Director, Ms. Lassetter is responsible for the leadership and daily management of 756 staff, statewide.   Ms. Lassetter has been working in the human resources field for 18 of her 26 years of California state civil service; seven of the 18 years have been in a management and/or leadership capacity.   Ms. Lassetter earned a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Phoenix..

jennifer hamman

Jennifer Hamman is the Department of Technology’s Workforce Planning Consultant. During her tenure, Ms. Hamman has been instrumental in launching several successful workforce and succession planning initiatives within the department. She is an expert on many facets of workforce planning, including retirement risk assessment, recruiting the next generation, onboarding,  and employee retention.

Renee Gibson

Renee Gibson was appointed as Chief of the Collection Division on February 19, 2013 for the Employment Development Department. As Chief of the Collection Division, Renee is responsible for administering California’s employment tax and benefit overpayment collection programs. Previously, Renee worked for the Franchise Tax Board for 25 years. Renee’s true passion lies in leadership development. She has over 20 years’ experience working to influence change and results in organizations. Her professional focus and expertise lies in developing extraordinary leaders(leadership development), leading high performing teams, cultivating strong organizational culture, vision and strategic planning, and employee engagement. Renee holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.


andrea thomas

Andrea Thomas joined the CDPH Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Division in late 2010 where she was charged with  developing and facilitating numerous workshops and curricula for State and local WIC agencies.  Andrea was instrumental in facilitating employee satisfaction surveys and the rollout of WIC’s Strategic Plan which led to the development of the new WIC Planning and Workforce Services Unit. Her recent work includes IDP consultation, onboarding and strategic goal alignment.

Updated 5/22/2015
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