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Giving Employees a Bright Financial Future


​Giving Employees a Bright Financial Future


Giving Employees a Bright Financial Future

Class Description

Understand the importance of making employees aware of the great benefit the state provides to employees to help them be financially prepared for their retirement. Learn why it’s important to get started now, how they can afford to start now and why they can’t afford to wait.  We will introduce the new Employee On-Boarding Kit Savings Plus developed to help you help your employees.


Donnie Nielsen

Donnie Nielsen is a Financial Education Specialist delivering retirement education workshops throughout counties in Central California and the Sacramento area.  He has been hosting investment related seminars and providing education to investors for the last 7 years, with an emphasis on helping individuals prepare for retirement.  Mr. Nielsen is currently a CFA Charter holder.

Tiffanie Vick

Tiffanie Vick brings 20 years of Savings Plus experience to her Retirement Workshops. Working as a Training and Education Consultant,  her extensive background in Lump Sum Separation Pay and 457 Traditional Catch-Up allows participants to enjoy her workshops while receiving vital information to ensure they complete the appropriate steps to accomplish their goal. Ms. Vick’s overall plan knowledge combined with her extensive system experience makes her workshops a must to attend.

Updated 7/6/2015
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