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Building the Bridge Between Reasonable Accommodation, Protected Leave, Return to Work


​Building the Bridge Between Reasonable Accommodation, Protected Leave, Return to Work

Class Description

Traditionally reasonable accommodation, protected leave, and return to work are handled within Departments in separate programs, but they overlap.  This presentation will take a look at how these programs often function in siloes and the benefits of building partnerships across these programs to leverage the expertise of each area for the best outcome.  We will work collaboratively on a scenario which takes this team expertise to solve.  In addition, takeaway a legal perspective on what pitfalls can arise that reinforce the benefits of building cross program partnerships.


Cheryl Artega

Cheryl Artega currently serves as Chief, Office of Civil Rights, at the Department of Rehabilitation.  Ms.  Artega began her career with the State of California in 1988. She has worked professionally in the field of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for over 20 years, with six years at Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the past eight years administering EEO and Reasonable Accommodation Programs.  Ms. Artega served for four years as Chair for the California Civil Rights Officers Council. The Council strives to promote excellence in the Civil Rights Arena in California state government through leadership, education, and championing EEO for all current and future applicants and employees in California state service. 

Tracy Caldwell

Tracy Caldwell manages the statewide return-to-work training program at CalHR. Ms. Caldwell started her state career at the State Compensation Insurance Fund and has 21 years of workers' compensation experience. Each year hundreds of interested employees attend her free courses which include: a mandatory three day class for newly appointed return-to-work coordinators, a one day enhanced overview for experienced staff, quarterly forums, and special on-site training (by invitation). Ms. Caldwell is also actively involved in managing the workers’ compensation program, which includes guiding policy that affects all state employees.  

Eileen Deimerly 

Eileen Deimerly has been an Administrative Law Judge with the State Personnel Board since January 2009, hearing employee disciplinary actions and complaints, including denial of reasonable accommodation claims.  Before joining the State Personnel Board, Ms. Deimerly was an attorney in private practice for 15 years, litigating tort and contract actions for both individual and corporate clients throughout California.

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Building the Bridge Between Reasonable Accommodation, Protected Leave, and Return to Work Handout

Updated 6/2/2015
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