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Best Hiring Practices


Best Hiring Practices


Best Hiring Practices

Class Description

This session provides best practices to help ensure that departments select the most qualified candidates following a fair and rigorous hiring process.  This training will help departments follow internal department processes, comply with applicable provisions of relevant bargaining contracts and ensure fair and objective selection of a candidate based on merit, fitness and job-related qualifications.


Danishia Colbert

Danishia Colbert has been with the state for eight years. She has seven years of experience in Transactions and Classification and Pay.  For the last two years she has been a Personnel Consultant with expertise in Delegation, specifically Career Executive Appointments.  In addition to being a consultant to several departments, Ms. Colbert has participated in CalHR’s Best Hiring Practices Training and Delegation Training.

Sarah Buchanan

Sarah Buchanan is a Staff Personnel Program Analyst in the Personnel Management Division (PMD) at CalHR.  Before working in PMD, Ms. Buchanan worked in the Special Projects and Placement Unit at CalHR.  In 2010-2011, Ms. Buchanan worked on the Human Resources Modernization Project. Ms. Buchanan was a key player in the development of the Analyst Virtual Help Desk, Layoff Training and Department Checklist, and the Attorney and Administrative Law Judge project.  Prior to working with the state civil service, she worked as a public school teacher for three years and prior to that, she worked for a private corporation specializing in Administrative Services and Accounting.

Linda Kelly

Linda Kelly, CalHR Labor Relations Counsel, has worked in public sector labor relations for almost 20 years, representing both employees and employers in grievance arbitrations, discipline matters, and unfair labor practices.  Ms. Kelly also spent two years at the Public Employee Relations Board as legal advisor to Board member Robin Wesley, where she worked on a variety of unfair labor practice appeals issues.  Currently, Ms. Kelly is part of the CalHR Legal Division, House Counsel program where she enjoys working proactively with department management and legal staff to resolve potential labor and employment issues.
Updated 7/6/2015
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